This all started after a discussion about racing Hot Wheels over a few pints at my local car night.
The next weekend I gathered up my collection of old orange track and parts,
found a how-to online for building a fold up raceway at Redline Derby Racing and built it.
My sons and I spent all day racing our pile of cars until we had a winner!
I took the track to my next car night event and it was a big hit.
I learned a few lessons and continue to make track improvements while keeping it simple.
Recent improvements have been a new starting gate and a new finish gate.
Working on making a 50' long track, stay tuned!

You can read an interview about Austin Diecast Drags over at Redline Derby Racing


Open to all 1/64 scale cars that have not been modified in any way.
Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lighting etc. all welcome.


Open to all 1/64 scale cars that have been modified to run faster.
Weight, wheels, axles, etc. are all allowed.
No external propulsion systems please!
Cars can't be more than 1-1/2" tall.

Pretty simple here, most important one is to have fun!

Each racer is allowed to enter two cars in each class per event.

Every meet there will be an additional race to be announced on the flyer before the event.
Upcoming races to include; vintage only, a slow race, muscle cars, trucks and a death match!

Dry graphite is allowed in all classes.

No wet lubes allowed!

Cars caught cheating will be smashed with a hammer!

Prizes for the top finishers!